Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Hendry Prostitution Suspects Arrested

Stabbing-Robbery Investigation Continues - Two Arrested For Prostitution

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry County Sheriff's Office is continuing to investigate a stabbing that occurred during the early morning hours of March 31, 2010 at a migrant labor camp south of LaBelle. Two women were arrested for prostitution.

Deputies responded to the Duda Labor Camp, located on South 29 after receiving a call of a fight.  Upon their arrival they found 23 year old Jose Hernandez suffering from a stab wound and lacerations to the abdomen.   

Upon questioning, Hernandez stated he didn't know who had stabbed him, but that they had taken his wallet and necklace. 

Deputies then noticed 31 year old Allison Carina Ruark (photo left) exit the apartment next to Hernandez and questioned her as to why she was there.  Ruark stated she had come to the Camp with Michelle Astroga, Linda Carbajal (photo right), John 'Ace' Daniels, and Victor Roa and they were in the process of conducting ''business" for $5.00. 

The victim later identified Ruark as being one the individuals who was involved with the males who took his possessions and stabbed him. 

During this time a second individual was later found walking down State Road 29, and identified as 35 year old Linda Carbajal.  Carbajal was then transported to the Hendry County Sheriff�s Office and along with Ruark and, subsequent to further investigation, Carbajal and Ruark were arrested for prostitution.

Currently Linda Carbajal and Allison Carina Ruark are being held on a $500.00 bond.


  1. Anonymous10:55 PM

    There went all of the profit.

  2. Anonymous11:38 PM

    "conducting ''business" for $5.00"