Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Hendry Sheriff Get New Car

Plastic Wrapped Design Substitutes For Paint

LABELLE, FL. -- This week Sheriff Steve Whidden is unveiling his newly designed patrol vehicle for Hendry County. The time-honored design is meant to blend the 'old with the new.' A time when children were taught that a police officer was there to help when needed. As crime increased over the years, the division between the police officers and the people they serve has widened.

The traditional scheme compliments a modern police pursuit vehicle. The design is made up of a plastic wrap rather than expensive paint. At the end of its useful life, the wrap will be removed and the sheriff can auction a plain white car which will bring a higher return to the county. The 'slick top' patrol units with the designation of 'supervisor' on the front fenders, will be assigned to the patrol sergeants.  As the sheriff's fleet is replaced, the new design will become more prevalent.

Sheriff Whidden stated, ''I intend for this design to be a constant reminder to my deputies and the people we serve, that I insist on deputies being respectful and helpful to the residents and visitors to Hendry County. It is our duty, to not only protect our citizens, but we must accomplish it by showing respect and dignity to those we serve.''

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