Friday, August 06, 2010

LaBelle Gets New $15M Water Plant

$15 Million Plant Coming To LaBelle

LABELLE, FL. -- The City of LaBelle is replacing its 30-year-old water treatment plant with a new facility thanks to $15,310,430 in United States Department of Agriculture Rural Development funds.

Facing near term treatment capacity with its existing facility, which is operating at approximately 86 percent of its 999,999 gallons per day (gpd) production capacity, the City of LaBelle has secured a $10,091,000 loan and a $5,219,430 grant from USDA Rural Development to construct a new water treatment facility. Loan terms include a 3.25 percent interest rate with a 40-year term.

'The city leaders of LaBelle are to be commended for their foresight and efforts to ensure clean, safe drinking water is available to the current and future residents and businesses of this community,' said USDA Rural Development State Director Richard A. Machek. 'USDA Rural Development is proud to play a role in this important project.'

The new facility, to be built on land south of the city in the central part of the service area, will consist of a new 1.5 million gallons per day (mgd) reverse osmosis water treatment plant withdrawing water from the Lower Hawthorn Aquifer, three wells, a ground storage tank, high service pump stations and associated transmission and distribution piping.

To accommodate potential growth, expansion of the distribution system is part of the planned project.


  1. Anonymous8:44 PM

    I do not believe the leaders should be conmmended for their forsight. The DEP and the City signed a Consent Order which required the new water plant in order to address past water quality violations.

  2. Anonymous9:50 PM

    The capacity of the RO plant may be mis-stated. 1.5MGD is small.