Sunday, September 19, 2010

Rodeo Grill - 9 Critical Food Safety Failures

More Critical Violations This Year Compared To Last Year

LABELLE, FL. -- The Rodeo Grill LLC in LaBelle received it's latest state food safety inspection on August 17. The inspection revealed nine critical food safety issues, compared to six critical items last summer.

The establishment has gone through several management changes in recent years. Ralph E. Von Frantzius of LaBelle is the current corporation owner.

Among the August violations were improper storage of food, employee handling food with unwashed hands, and many items pertaining to the inadequate hand washing facilities at the bar.

The State's List Of Critical Safety Items Found:

08A-28-1  Critical. Observed food stored on floor. Box of fries in walk-in freezer .
08A-29-1  Critical. Observed uncovered food in holding unit/dry storage area. In standing reach-in cooler
12A-16-1  Critical. Observed employee engage in food preparation, handle clean equipment or utensils, or touch unwrapped single-service items, without washing hands. Observed employee put on gloves without washing hands
20A-10-1  Critical. Dish machine chlorine sanitizer not at proper minimum strength.
31-09-1  Critical. Hand wash sink not accessible for employee use at all times. Hand sink in bar has white bucket inside Corrected On Site.
31-12-1  Critical. Observed hand wash sink used for purposes other than hand washing. Hand sink in bar used to hold bucket .
32-15-1  Critical. No hand washing sign provided at a hand sink used by food employees. At bar hand sink , and hand sink by ice machine
32-16-1  Critical. Hand wash sink lacking proper hand drying provisions. at bar hand sinks
32-17-1  Critical. Hand washing cleanser lacking at hand washing lavatory. At bar hand sinks


  1. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Looks like 5 closely related to hand washing at the bar, doesn't the alcohol kills the bacteria too? Seems like new inspector is going a little overboard to raise their numbers.

  2. Why has this happened. Normally had to decrease the number of weaknesses but increased. Not good.

  3. sherri9:02 PM

    He wont be open much longerthere was a eviction notice on his doorsthe land lord wants him out. the reason it has gotten owrse is because he has no clue how to run the place just run it in the ground...

  4. Steve7:37 AM

    What do you expect, they have no clue how to run it but in the ground, its a freaggin dump.