Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Why Are Students Getting Dumber In Hendry/Glades?

Check Out Hendry/Glades Schools Test Scores And Graduation Rates

LABELLE, FL. -- The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and GreatSchools.org have set up a partnership to allow parents and teachers to easily find how any school in the country is doing in teaching math and reading.

The Education Nation Scorecard allows families to navigate the education system by providing useful, easily understandable information about performance at individual schools, as well as in districts, states, and the nation as a whole. The site invites you to look up your school, the school down the street, or the school you attended growing up.

Local Schools Not Doing Well In Math/Reading/Graduation Rates

Glades county students, according to the statistics presented, seem to be getting dumber as they pass from elementary school, to  middle school, and then to high school. In fact, is appears that so many teenage students fail in high school that in Glades county they do not graduate. 

Glades county schools have a high school graduation rate of only 41%, about the lowest in Florida. The average graduation rate for all Florida school districts is 73%.

Showing how Glades elementary students seem to start out well and fail as they progress to middle school, the percentage of students passing 4th grade state math exams is 82% and 4th grade reading exams 76%, both percentages actually much higher than average for all Florida 4th graders.
But by 8th grade, only 57% of 8th graders pass state math tests in Glades, and only 42% pass 8th grade reading tests, both rates much lower than Florida's 8th graders.

After middle school, students seem to go downhill in math and reading, and only four in ten students will be expected to graduate high school.

In Hendry county, it's not as bad, but graduation rates still are behind Florida averages. Hendry schools graduation 68% of students compared to 73% in Florida.

And Hendry students also go downhill yearly in passing state reading and math tests. 4th graders pass math at 73% and reading at 68% rates. But by 8th grade math passing rates drop down to 59% and reading tests only garner a 38% passing rate, one of the lowest passing rates in Florida.

Enter city or school name to see scorecard at: http://nbcscorecard.greatschools.org/search.html?q=moore+haven+fl

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