Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Southwest Florida's Dirtiest Restaurant?

LaBelle's Fortune Cookie Restaurant - Critical Safety Reports Routinely Bad

LABELLE, FL. -- In what may be Hendry county's, if not Southwest Florida's most troublesome food safety violator, the Fortune Cookie Restaurant has come up with yet another state inspection showing above normal food safety issues.

The restaurant, over many years, has had the worst food safety history of any we've covered. Current owner Wang Jian Gang, doing business as Fortune Cookie, 505 West Hickpoochee in LaBelle has had an above average of four state inspections in the last three months.

All four required follow up inspections due to the large number and nature of critical food safety violations found each time.

On June 14, 21 violations were found including 19 critical safety items. A follow-up inspection 3 days later still found 4 critical violations. An inspector re-visited on August 23 and found the critical food safety violations increased again to 13.

Three days later, August 26, a re-inspection found critical violations down to five.

If you visit the Fortune Cookie, here from the official inspection report, is what you might find, or more:

Violation Observation
02-22-1 Critical. Violation: 02-22-1 Ready-to-eat, potentially hazardous food prepared on site and held more than 24 hours with not properly date marked. No date marking on premises .
06-01-1 Critical. Violation: 06-01-1 Observed potentially hazardous food thawed in an improper manner. Shrimp thawed in 3 compartment sink at room temperature . On callback 8/26/10 observed chicken in 3 compartment sink thawing at room temperature .
08A-23-1 Critical. Violation: 08A-23-1 Observed improper vertical separation of raw animal foods and ready-to-eat foods. Raw fish stored over ready to cooked chicken in walk-in cooler .
08A-29-1 Critical. Violation: 08A-29-1 Observed uncovered food in holding unit/dry storage area. No food in walk-in cooler covered, chicken , fish, shrimp, noodles , vegetables.
22-20-1 Critical. Violation: 22-20-1 Observed buildup of slime-like substance in the interior of ice machine. Removable with alcohol swab.


  1. Anonymous4:47 PM

    I like Chinese food- I have purchased (to go) Beef and Broccoli from this establishment. I didn't feel quite right in the morning. I no longer purchase there. Coincidence? Who knows. I have seen this restaurant constantly listed as not complying with the health department violations. It is time that they use (enforce) the laws or ordinances on the books and do something about this situation. Either clean up, comply or shut them down. This is what "govewrnment" is supposed to do, when the welfare of the public is at stake.Continuing critical violations must be dealt with. Get off your butts and do something. It is obvious that they (owners) are either ignorant or laughing at the law for several years now.

  2. Anonymous10:32 AM

    My advice just don't eat there has always been a pig stye.

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