Monday, January 20, 2014

FBI Invades Rural Area On 'Mystery' Mission

So Far, FBI Keeping Mum On What's Happening - 2 Explosions Heard

LABELLE, FL. -- A rural road in the small community of Muse, a few miles northwest of LaBelle is now occupied by a dozen federal vehicles parked along a two-lane road. The Tampa FBI office says the vehicles are involved in a FBI crime scene investigation.

Area residents say law enforcement action has been taking place here since Saturday night at a parcel of land on Tom Coker Road. Sounds of two small explosions, presumably set off my FBI agents, have been reported as being heard coming from the property.

Nearby in this heavily wooded area are modest single family homes, and a number of rental mobile homes, usually occupied by farm workers.

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  1. Put on your investigation hat and come back with a full report please,