Monday, March 24, 2014

Wildfires Increasing In Glades County

MUSE, FL – Wildfire activity recently has increased in the Muse Area in western Glades County. “Caution is needed this time of year due to drier weather conditions,” states Melissa Yunas, Florida Forest Service.

Saturday a wildfire threatened two homes and damaged one boat and a power pole off of Ash Road. The cause was unauthorized debris pile burning. Florida Forest Service and Glades County Fire Department want to remind residents to know the law before you strike that match. “Your local Florida Forest Service in Palmdale can answer your burning setback, authorization and onsite questions,” Melissa explains “if your fire escapes then you can be held liable for any damages or injuries.”

Sunday a wildfire ignited off of Altman Lane and Glades County Fire Department quickly extinguished the grass wildfire. Florida Forest Service investigated the cause and found it was ignited by equipment. Florida Forest Service & Glades County Fire Department want to remind residents do not pull off of roadways into tall, dry grass. Hot exhaust pipes and mufflers can easily start wildfires that you may not see until it’s too late.

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