Wednesday, December 03, 2014

Alejandro Hernandez-Torres Arrested On Traffic Charges

LABELLE, FL. -- Alejandro Hernandez-Torres was arrested on numerous traffic related charges and DUI after investigators had shut down State Road 29 for a fatal traffic crash.

During the evening hours of Thursday, November 27, 2014, Hendry County Deputies were assisting Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), with a traffic crash which resulted in the death of one man. 

All north and southbound traffic on State Road 29 was temporary closed during the accident investigation. While conducting traffic control in the area of the accident, Hendry County Deputy Kearns noticed a vehicle driving dangerously fast in his direction; Kearns, although standing near his patrol vehicle and wearing a reflective traffic vest, attempted to get the attention of the driver several times with the use of his flashlight, however the driver continued toward him at a high rate of speed.

Suddenly the driver slammed on his brakes as he neared the deputy, causing the deputy to step back out of the way of the vehicle to avoid being struck. Once the driver stopped, Deputy Kearns approached the man who identified himself as Pablo Hernandez. The deputy immediately noticed the odor of an alcohol beverage an observed the driver to have watery bloodshot eyes. It was determined that the driver and passenger were both heavily intoxicated and they were taken into custody.

Once at the jail Hernandez agreed to a breath test indicating a 0.168 and 0.172 blood alcohol level. Upon fingerprinting the man, it was learned through fingerprint identification the man was accurately identified as 28 year old Alejandro Hernandez-Torres.

Hernandez-Torres was arrested and charged with Driving with No Valid Driver’s License, DUI, Disobeying a Lawful Command and Providing a False Name to Law Enforcement. Hernandez-Torres was released on November 28, on $3,000 bond.

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