Monday, December 08, 2014

Talkin' Monkey's Dr. Deb Speaks At Kiwanis

LABELLE, FL. -- At a recent LaBelle Kiwanis meeting, Deborah D. Misotti, Ph.D. of the Talkin’ Monkeys Project was the guest speaker. 

The Talkin’ Monkeys project is a primate sanctuary that provides a life-long home for animals that have been rescued from an abusive private home or released from a research laboratory or breeding facility. Their main focus is to provide a home for these animals but they also strive to connect people to earth-friendly lifestyles.

The Talkin’ Monkeys Project incorporates Earth-friendly activities into their daily operations. They reduce, reuse and recycle whenever and wherever possible and they love share their knowledge and experiences to everyone. 

“Dr. Deb” shared a very interesting story about meeting Jane Goodall and how Ms. Goodall was impressed with the Talkin’ Monkeys Project. The sanctuary tries to focus on things that we all can do to make a difference. Their program introduces concepts such as volunteerism and sustainable living. 

Volunteerism is important for The Talkin’ Monkeys Project. Donations of funds and items that help keep the primates safe and happy are important and always welcome, but the hands-on help is always needed just as much.
Volunteering at the Talkin’ Monkeys Project is such an important role at the sanctuary. Volunteers can assist with mending toys for the primates, feeding the primates or help to clean cages. The Talkin’ Monkeys is a 501c3 nonprofit sanctuary.

If you’re interested in learning how to become a volunteer or for more information, please contact Debbie Misotti at Phone: (863) 983-2335

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