Thursday, December 04, 2014

Police Officer Arrested On Stalking And Battery Charge

Policeman Charged With Attacking Deputy Sheriff In Parking Lot

CLEWISTON, FL. -- On Tuesday, December 2, 2014, Hendry County Investigators arrested 47 year old Fernando Herrera on charges of Aggravated Stalking and Battery on a Law Enforcement officer.

It was reported on Monday by a current certified law enforcement officer with the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office that on Saturday, November 29, 2014, he was attacked by off-duty Clewiston Police Officer Fernando Herrera in the parking lot of the Shell Gas Station on State Road 80 in the Pioneer Plantation community. It should be noted that Herrera was in his uniform pants, duty boots and a black t-shirt.

The off duty deputy explained that he had stopped at the convenience store to purchase some items. While walking to his car he heard someone yell “hey” and when he turned around he was attacked from behind by Officer Herrera. Herrera knocked the deputy to the ground and continued to punch him.

After the deputy was able to gain control of Herrera, Herrera stood up and engaged in a heated conversation with the deputy. The deputy related to supervisors that Herrera alluded to the fact that he had a gun in his truck and things could have been much worse. Herrera went on to say that he had thoughts of burning his house with the deputy inside.

Herrera turned himself in on December 2, 2014 to authorities at the Hendry County Sheriff’s Office and was released on $7,000.00 bond.

This is an ongoing investigation and there may be possible pending charges, said the Hendry Sheriff's office.

Hendry court records indicate on December 2, a petition for an injunction for protection was filed against Fernando Herrera by Robert Archer. A temporary injunction for protection has been recorded and a hearing is scheduled at 1:30 p.m. December 8 before Circuit Judge James Sloan.


  1. Anonymous1:18 AM

    I remember this guy once passed harsh judgement on me well look who is on the other side of the bars now SAD

  2. Anonymous11:22 AM

    Why is he still on the PAYROLL

  3. Anonymous1:42 PM

    He works for Clewiston Police Dept and Archer is Hendry Sheriff dept
    they once worked together on the Sheriff's dept a few years ago.

    There is a LOT of behind the big picture here that is not being said.
    You know typical LaBelle stuff, cheating and liars to their spouses etc etc
    From what I gather neither is "innocent" in this.

  4. Anonymous7:52 AM

    This has been going on in this department for YEARS. Archer deserved his ass beat and went crying to daddy when he got scared.

  5. Anonymous2:58 PM

    Wonder why Archer walked away from home in Muse??--what an eyesore now.. Thanks a lot...fool..