Thursday, January 12, 2017

Hendry Government Annual Report

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry County released their 2016 Annual Report. The report highlights the accomplishments of Hendry County government over the past year.

The report contains multiple areas of interest, but some of the more significant impacts to the County in 2016 were:

· 25 new grants were secured valued at $77,256,184.00. These grants support existing services and enhance infrastructure.

· Veterans Services helped obtain $18 million for veterans and their dependents from claims and pensions.

· Experienced a 91% increase in single family home permits

· Harlem Library provided services to 1,885 youth through various programs for increase in participation of 117% over FY2015

A great feature of the report is the “Tracking the Annual Budget” section. The dollar bill infographic depicts where the $69 million budget comes from, and how it is utilized. The 2016 budget is $21 million less than 2008, and Hendry County tax assessment falls below the state average.

The 2017 business year is developing under a theme of back to basics with an emphasis on greater information sharing with residents and building stronger community relationships both at home and regionally. County leadership is continuing to improve the organization to become increasingly efficient, customer friendly and focused on providing relevant and valuable services to the community.

“Hendry County is a very special place in South Florida. We are proud of our accomplishments in 2016, but look forward to strengthening relationships with our residents and continue to make strides forward. As the community engages in the conversation we are here to listen. It’s our goal to be the best county government we can be for our residents,” states Charles Chapman, County Administrator.

The 2016 Annual Report is available to the public at all Hendry County government buildings, and can also be found online at

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