Friday, October 13, 2017

Report Of Oct 10 Commission Meeting

The following is a highlight of the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) regular meeting held on Tuesday, October 10 at the Commission Chamber in Clewiston City Hall in Clewiston, Florida.

 LaBelle Airport Supplemental Joint Participation Agreement (JPA) for Terminal Building
– The Board approved the supplemental JPA which adds an additional $295,000 to the
LaBelle Airport Terminal Project. FDOT has agreed to participate at 100% of the costs
and has fully funded the project with this Supplemental JPA. The LaBelle Airport
Terminal Project has a total cost of $2,691,048.58. The terminal construction is slated to
begin in early 2018.

 Election of Commissioners – The Board instructed staff to come back with more
information in December to discuss the topic of a contract with a law firm to advise the
County on the steps involved with changing the method of election of County
Commissioners from single-member districts to at-large. This change means that
commissioner districts would be eliminated and Commissioners would represent the
County as a whole. The analysis is a follow up item to the non-binding straw ballot item
on the 2016 referendum where county voters indicated a desire to see countywide voting
be considered by Hendry County.

 STAFF REPORTS; Approval of Interlocal Agreements with the Port of LaBelle
Community Development District and Central County Water Control District Regarding
Debris Removal – The Board approved both interlocal agreements with the Port LaBelle
Community Development District (PLBCDD) and the Central County Water Control
District (CCWCD) for the County's debris removal and monitoring contractors to perform
debris removal services along each district's road rights-of- way.

The Board would like to see a more efficient and expedient option for debris removal in the
future. Staff was directed to begin researching and discussing other contract options that would
allow for the hiring of more local vendors to expedite the clean-up process after a hurricane.

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