Tuesday, February 18, 2020

TV Station WGCU Disappears In Outlying Areas

LABELLE, FL. -- Some viewers of TV stations in the Hendry and Glades county area as well as viewers distant from the TV broadcasting antennas in the Lee county and Charlotte county area may be noticing irregular reception of over-the air station WGCU channel 30 this week.

WGCU said "WGCU-TV has moved to a different antenna following a brief outage this morning. We will be operating on this antenna at a reduced power until we change channels on March 10. There will be brief periods where we will be at a very low power while crews work around the antenna. This will happen a couple of times during the day."

The station, along with channels 20 and 26, will be reworking their antennas and changing frequencies under an FCC mandate.

"While we change our antenna to accommodate our new and upgraded signal, we have to operate on a temporary antenna that operates at a lower power. Most impacted will be viewers in Collier County, areas east of LaBelle, along the coast in Charlotte County, and farther north of Arcadia. We will be operating at this power level until March 10."
A thousand or so broadcast stations across the country are changing frequencies so as to allow more space for 5G cell phone frequencies in coming years.

This weekend, channels 20 and 26 of Waterman Broadcasting substantially finished an antenna change and will continue some testing, while channel 30 for WGCU is continuing work this week with lower power transmissions that don't allow more distant viewers to receiving the signal on their home antennas.

Homes with cable/satellite service are not affected.

Viewers using antennas, to be able to see the channels again, must "rescan" their TV channels on their digital televisions between March 1 and March 10, the deadline for completion of the frequency changes.

More information: https://wgcu.org/please-pardon-our-static/

Photo courtesy WGCU

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