Saturday, September 27, 2008

Hendry Hospital Doctor Profiles

Online Profiles Of "Our Physicians" Show Surprises

CLEWISTON, FL. -- Hendry County's Regional Medical Center this week sent out an elaborate annual report for the 2007 year. Included among financial statements and other promotional materials were listings of "Our Physicians." Nearly all doctors listed on staff show conflicting profiles and information on the state of Florida's website, many not listed as on the staff at Hendry Regional. Only seven out of 28 doctors listed by the DOH checked out without any discrepancies.

Checking the Florida Department of Health records on the DOH website we found the following:  doctors shown living in another county, doctors on multiple hospital staffs, criminal convictions, and listings shown by DOH as not a staff member at Hendry Regional:

Prashant Barakoti, internal medicine: Barakoti had not verified his listing that shows a Brooklyn, NY address and a statement he does not practice in Florida.
Edward Becker, urology: Becker had two criminal convictions for driving under the influence and lives in Palm Beach county and is listed on the staff of six hospitals.
Leonard Carroll, general surgery: No record was found for this name on the DOH website
Hans Louis-Charles, internal medicine: has not verified his listing, shows a Miami address and no hospital affiliation
Fred Collins, dentistry: no record found for Collins
Jesse Eisenman, gastroenterology: On staff at five hospitals, not included as on staff at Hendry Regional, address in Palm Beach county.
James Forbes, chief of medical staff: Had disciplinary actions imposed on him by Department of Health, paid $1,000 in costs and completed "continuing education" as required by DOH.
Barbara Thomas-Jones, pathology: Not listed as on staff at Hendry Regional. Address in Palm Beach County
Marcos Kornstein, obstetrics: Profile not available at DOH "pending" confirmation. Address in Palm Beach County
Esther Levin, cardiology: Not listed as on staff at Hendry Regional. Address in Miami.
Juan Lopez, internal medicine: Not listed as on staff at Hendry Regional. Clewiston address.
Rafael Lopez, urology: Listed on staff at five hospitals. Address in Palm Beach County
Sonia Maddalena, emergency medicine: On staff at three hospitals. Address in Palm Beach County
Gaston Mendez, radiology: No record found under this name on DOH website
Udayashree Nune, family practice: Not shown as on staff at Hendry Regional. Pennsylvania address
Muthuswami Ramachandran, nephrology: On staff of six hospitals, address in Palm Beach County
Alberto Rengifo, emergency medicine: Not shown on staff of Hendry Regional. On staff of four hospitals, address in Palm Beach County
Cristina Pascal_Ricart, internal medicine: Has not verified her DOH profile, New York Address, not shown on staff of Hendry Regional
Denise Semashko, emergency room director: Not on staff at any Florida hospital according to DOH website shown as verified by Semashko
Freya Silverstein, nephrology: On staff at six hospitals. Address in Palm Beach County - Online Physician Profile Search


  1. Anonymous2:34 PM

    Well if you're going to pick on every little thing.....

  2. Anonymous7:54 AM

    So what. Why do you think there is anything wrong with a physician being on staff at more than one hospital? Physicians at most of the top academic centers are on staff at more than one hospital, since they have residency programs that require their trainees to rotate through multiple hospital environments (e.g., VA, county hospital, private community hospital, children's hospital, burn center, etc.). Are they guilty of some kind of misrepresentation by virtue of being listed on the medical staff? This is a ridiculous posting. I only came across it as I was researching a colleague of mine to find his address. I personally am on staff at 7 hospitals, to which I provide an ENORMOUS service to the community, often in the form of UNCOMPENSATED care subject to LIABILITY exposure.