Saturday, February 22, 2014

Largest Crowds Ever At Swamp Cabbage Festival

LaBelle, Florida's Largest Event Brings In Record Crowds

LABELLE, FL. -- The annual Swamp Cabbage Festival Parade kicked off with dozens on floats, marching bands and community groups marching up Bridge Street Saturday morning.

The largest fair and festival in Hendry County celebrates Florida's State tree, the Cabbage Palm. Upwards of 20,000 people are expected in the city of LaBelle this weekend for music, food, crafts, and amusement rides at the Barron Park along the Caloosahatchee River.

The festival also host  dozens of Classic Cars at a show each year on Fort Thompson Street in downtown LaBelle.

(Videos: Festival Parade and Classic Car Show)


  1. Comments from an anonymous viewer of the parade video:
    More clogging
    The requisite School Band
    This is funny, some of these floats are bizarre I have no idea what they are..
    Its like Rocky Horror, but in a fun way.
    Chicken roasting over a BBQ pit
    Another school band
    a tractor pulling a huge shamrock
    a pikcup up truck with palm leaves and a parrot..
    I guess you have to live there to get some of these, with the local culture.
    Bunch of purple people
    Purple People Eaters!
    The mandatory clown car
    Ah here come the Harley Davidson bikers..
    With their biker chicks.
    This is pretty well organized for a small town
    Fire dept
    cool 50s car
    Model A
    Model A pickup LOL
    This is like a glimpse into the past, the good old days
    Prom Queens on a float
    The horses are beautiful
    lot of bays and chestnuts
    Interesting, you never see people riding horses around here
    OK its done again
    That was great.
    To see what it's like down there.
    It looked more Wild West and Southern

  2. Anonymous8:07 AM

    Way to crowded...Need to space out the food vendors.....When you get your food it's hard to make it through the crowd without someon knocking your food out of your hands.