Saturday, January 01, 2005

19-Year Old Escapee Sought

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry deputies are still looking for 19-year old James
Henderson who escaped from the Hendry County Jail hours before the body of
local hardware store owner Daniel Woosley, 39 was found just a mile south of
the jail. Henderson had been in the local lockup since September on two
counts of grand theft auto and apparently just walked out the rear gate of
the jail compound as the gate was opened.

Woosley, president and co-owner of the Jennings Harware store in LaBelle,
was reported dead at his home at1650 SR 29 South a few hours after Henderson
was found missing. During the murder investigation, witnesses reported a
two-toned Ford 150 pickup truck leaving the scene that had an archery decal
on the truck. Woosley was an avid archer and repaired archery equipment at
the store as well as taught archery to local youth. An unidentified female
runaway is reportedly in the Oasis Youth detention center in Ft. Myers where
a tip said Henderson might be headed to see her. Woosley's daughter
reportedly has a relationship with Henderson.

Friday night deputies were searching a Port LaBelle neighborhood across
from Country Oaks Elementary School when a caller said a man in an orange
shirt and jeans was lurking in the bushes near the entrance gate. Deputies
were unsuccessful in locating the person. Adding to the confusion over the
murder and jail escape was the changing of the Hendry Sheriff and much of
the existing personnel at the Sheriff's office. Lt. Mike Moore turned in his
badge Friday afternoon, while ex-Sheriff Steve Worley handed over the
Sheriff's office to former Sheriff Ronnie Lee at midnight Friday. During the
change process lips were sealed about the details of the murder case.

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