Thursday, January 13, 2005

Brighton Indians To Quit Glades EMS Service

MOORE HAVEN, FL. -- Glades County EMS Director Bob Jones reported to the
Glades County Commission this week on dialogue between him and Seminole
Tribe leaders and the Tribe's decision to discontinue use of and funding
($425k annually) for the Glades County EMS station in Brighton Reservation,
effective February 7, 2005. The Tribe is planning to provide its own fire
protection and emergency services on all reservations, and the decision to
start with Brighton was not due to any problem with Glades County.

Discussion followed concerning perhaps contracting with the Tribe to serve
the Lakeport area east to Indian Prairie, as Buckhead Ridge is served by
contract with Okeechobee County. Otherwise, the two remaining ambulance
stations may have to be relocated (from Muse Fire Tower to Pollywog
Crossover and 29, and from Moore Haven to County property near the Road
Dept facility on SR78) to be more
centrally positioned to serve residents.

In other matters, Jones commented that the new billing service only
yesterday mailed out the first billing for EMS services since October,
citing their problems with set-up, addressing, and privacy notices.

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