Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Okeechobee Birds Recovered

From the Florida Wildlife Commission --
Just prior to the holidays, Lieutenant Pat Reynolds assisted Okeechobee
County deputies with a stolen bird case. Okeechobee County had information
that the birds were being kept in Hialeah. Eventually, the owner of the
birds and her veterinarian were able to identify and claim the birds.
Local authorities arrested a subject for possession of stolen property,
while Okeechobee County detectives filed theft charges. A Capuchin monkey
was also seized because of caging and permitting violations; as a result,
Lieutenant Reynolds issued citations. It was later discovered that the
monkey had been stolen from the Cape Coral area. Theft charges are being
filed in that county as well. Other birds with suspicious paperwork were
documented and later determined to have been stolen from the Tampa area.
The birds are now missing - the man said they were stolen from him while he
was in jail. These thefts occurred in the aftermath of the hurricanes
while people were concentrating on recovery efforts.

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