Tuesday, January 04, 2005

Henderson May Be With 14-Year Old

LABELLE, FL. -- Murder suspect and Hendry county jail escapee James
Henderson, 19 may be in the company of a run-away 14-year old girl who
escaped from the Oasis Youth Home in Fort Myers around 2 a.m. Friday. The
Florida Department of Law Enforcement has joined with Sheriff Ronnie Lee to
investigate the murder of Daniel Woosley and offers a $5000 reward for the
capture of Henderson. Henderson allegedly drove a blue and grey Ford 150
pickup truck away from the murder scene at 1650 SR 29 South in LaBelle. The
truck was recovered Sunday in a field in northern Collier county and
investigators spent Monday searching for clues in the vehicle. Henderson was
in jail on vehicle theft charges and had although a local resident was
brought back from Oklahoma to face local charges after being arrested there.
Henderson escaped from the Hendry jail only several hours before Woosley's
body was discovered and had reportedly dated Woosley's daughter.

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