Sunday, January 09, 2005

Marijuana Growers Busted In Montura

CLEWISTON, FL. -- Eleven men were taken into federal custody on charges of
conspiracy to possess and possession with the intent to distribute 1,000 or
more marijuana plants, according the the U.S. Attorney office in Ft. Myers.
A reported 30,000 plants were confiscated. Arrested in Montura, a large
rural subdivision lots of an acre or more in size, were Alexis Miguel
Gonzalez, Jorge Luis Gutierrez, Pedro Garcia Gutierrez, Ermundo Hernandez,
Luis Hatuey Penalver, Jose Rigoberto Perez, Panfilo Chaves Perez, Juan
Roche, Yoandy Rojas Guevara, Noslen Hernandez Romero and Armandou Vidal.
The arrestees were taken Friday to the federal courthouse in Fort Myers for
the first appearance hearing and then transported to the Hendry County Jail.
The marijuana plants were located at 255 N. Zambria St., 425 N. Kennel St.,
820 S. Trebol St., 730 S. Kennel St., 855 N. Zambria St., and 630 S.
Riverside St. The Montura area has been a known drug distribution and
prostitution area for years and the lots is popular as land investments for
Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area residents who buy up the relatively cheap
acres in the huge subdivision. Most of the homes in the area are mobile
homes spead thinly among the vacant lots and a neighborhood crime watch team
in recent years has tried unsuccessfully to keep criminal activity under

The Hendry Sheriffs Office, the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency office in
Miami, and the U.S. Attorney's Office in Ft. Myers, and others were involved
in the investigation and arrests.

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  1. Anonymous12:48 AM

    It is about time that they took out Worley's crop. Since this big organization was in the Montura area was the last bust made by Monturas own Deputy Fielder in the LaDeca area just a setup to keep everyone away from the Montura organization? Surely Fielder knew about this operation long ago? Keep up the good work Ronnie Lee and I hope you get the rest of the druggers in the back of the LaDeca area on Tangelo Rd. Ask anyone in the area they can point you in the right direction.