Saturday, April 23, 2005

Dinner Island Ranch - Newest Nature Area

New Area Open For Nature Lovers

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission is working on completing the Dinner
Island Ranch Wildlife Management Area in the southern end of Hendry County.
The 19,667 acre area is at the southern end of SR833. The highway runs from
SR80 on the north end and through Montura to the south and eventually turns
to the west into the city of Immokalee. Under progress is road building at
this time, with a mountain of stone being layed and crushed to make the
entrance roads passable in most weather. Visitors will travel several miles
through restricted areas before reaching the actual public areas. Included
in the management area is a dove field and a more or less circular road
around the main areas. A camping area has been designated along with a check
station for hunters although we didn't see signs or structures marked as
such on our latest trip. The road is not as yet well marked leaving one to
guess which way to turn and what exactly is park land and what is not. Near
the western sections are numerous canals which might prove good for fishing.

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