Saturday, April 30, 2005

Hendry Prisoner Charged In Multiple Rapes

Lock Him Up Forever?

LABELLE, FL. (April 29, 2005) -- Police in Miami-Dade county say they have
arrested a man suspected of a series of rapes there two years ago. Sedrick
Teacory Williams, 30, was arrested at the Hendry Correctional Institution
where he was serving a sentence on unrelated cases. He is now charged with
raping six women and girls, and may be later charged with an additional
eight rapes. Investigators matched his DNA samples in the state's database
with evidence in the six rapes he's been charged with. Williams allegedly
attacked his victims while they slept, breaking through windows or doors to
gain entry and caused panic in the North Dade area for nearly a year.

Williams, a small statured man of 5' 7' and 130 lbs. is serving numerous
sentences for the offenses of possession, sale, manufacturing or delivery of
cocaine, obstruction of a criminal investigation, and attempted escape.
These offenses were from May 2002 to March 2004. He was placed in prison in
December 2004 but has been in prison now three separate timesduring his
crime career, the first in 1994, serving 18 months while he was 18 years
old. He's also been in prison since then for convictions for carrying a
concealed weapon, introducing a weapon and drugs into a correctional
facility, aggravated stalking and violation of a court order, and possession
of a fake I.D.

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