Friday, April 01, 2005

Two Local Students Awarded

LABELLE, FL. -- Governor Jeb Bush and Lt. Governor Toni Jennings today
announced the winners of this year's Governor's High School All Star
awards, which recognizes Florida students who exemplify excellence in
Florida's public schools.
The All-Stars program, now in its sixth year, honors one high school junior
from each school district in Florida. The students are selected for their
demonstration of leadership qualities and academic excellence: Academic
Performance - Earns at least a 3.0 grade point average on a 4.0 scale,
Behavior - Discipline record consistent with good deportment, Leadership -
Participates in co-/extra-curricular activities such as athletics,
enrichment programs and school clubs, Community Service - Involved in
volunteer, mentoring and civic activities.

To ensure the most qualified and deserving students were selected,
school districts convened a panel comprised of at least one teacher, one
administrator, one parent, one community member and two high school seniors
to determine the junior who best met the state criteria.
This morning, Lt. Governor Jennings and K-12 Education Chancellor Jim
Warford addressed the All-Star students on leadership and the value of
receiving a quality education in the House Chamber. Governor Bush also
hosted a luncheon at the Governor's Mansion and later held a roundtable
discussion for the students. The All-Stars visited the Capitol,
participated in a mock senate session and received a signed photo of the
Governor and an award certificate.
The Governor's All-Stars in our area are Pavan Patelin Glades county and
Matthew Williamsom in Hendry. Congratulations to both!

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  1. Matthew9:51 PM

    My name is Matthew Williamson. Thankyou for you article. The event was very informative and lots of fun. Governor Bush was very honest and straight forward. I am proud that he is our Governor. I was provided a lot of insight into the jobs of our State Represntatives. Thanks Again.