Sunday, April 17, 2005

HealthFlorida Medical Center Future Questionable?

Partners associated with weird dealings?

LABELLE, FL. -- A new corporation has leased the old Belmont Woods Medical Center in LaBelle, now named HealthFlorida Medical Centers, LLC. Featuring large news advertisement the last few weeks, the company claims to have full service medical practice for area residents in the landmark building on South Main Street. The neat professional office building, owned by L.J. and Geraldine Nobles has been mostly empty on and off for years with a variety of medical services sometimes available.

The Florida Secretary of State's office shows that in addition to the HealthFlorida company which filed new corporate organizing papers with the state this year, the address also houses also new corporate company names Therapedix LLC, HealthFlorida Systems LLC, HealthFlorida Medical Management LLC, and HealthFlorida Diagnotic Center LLC.

All of these limited liability corporations are set up soley by Margarita M. Grishkoff and in some cases along with Christina Pertierra (aka Cristina) who shows also a Ft. Myers address. Pertierra has been associated with forming numerous failed medical companies and investment schemes in the Miami area since the 1990s and has at least one new company registered there this year.

Another partner in HealthFlorida Medical Management is Jorge Recarey of pricey Key Biscayne in Miami who also has had dozens of medical and investment companies go in and out of business since the 1980s in the Cuban neighborhoods of the Miami area. According to a website at, Recarey reportedly is a brother of Miguel Recarey who committed the largest Medicare fraud in history with his International Medical Centers, Inc. in Miami. The company was put out of business in 1987 by the courts after the gigantic medical fraud was discovered.

It was alleged by Miguel Recarey's associates that the medical company was financed by the Miami mafia don Santo Trafficante. Miguel was indicted for illegal wiretapping and bribery and left the country for safe haven in Madrid, the same day he received an "expedited" $2.2 million income tax refund from the IRS. Jorge Recarey, according to the article was reportedly a CIA asset, and the brother's medical company was largely staffed by CIA veterans and "shady members of the Cuban-American community."

In a complicated business arrangement, the medical company's offices were associated with now Governor Jeb Bush when he had real estate businesses in Miami. Bush was reportedly paid $75,000 to lobby with Health & Human Services head Margaret Heckler to obtain a special Medicare waiver for International Medical Centers.

Meanwhile, LaBelle's new medical center partner Margarita Grishkoff has a lengthy history of presumably failed business enterprises over the last decade, including various property management companies, a finance company, medical consulting companies, and a law firm, all operating out of the Miami area. For a few years she had a law office next to the Dade Count Courthouse with the firm of Grishkoff, Goldberg, and Druks but the firm was dissolved by the Secretary of State's office for failing to file an annual report. Grishkoff is listed on a website ( ) as having reportedly commited attorney misconduct while she worked as a lawyer in South Florida. The Florida Bar says she is no longer listed as a member of the bar in Florida and is not now allowed to practice law.

The company's medical director is Dr. Jose J. Villar, M.D. who got his medical degree at the Superior Instutute of Sciences in 1977 in Cuba. He obtained a masters of public administration in healthcare and policy degree there, and obtained his U.S. license to practice medicine in 2000. He is currently registered with the state as having an office in South Miami near the South Miami Hospital. The state of Florida Department of Health says he carries no malpractice insurance and is required to either post a sign or give notice to his patients of not being covered by insurance.

Update: The companies in LaBelle founded in January 2005 went out of business in September 2006 according to the Florida Secretary of State office. The Florida Department of Revenue filed tax liens against Health Florida Systems LLC for failure to pay taxes as due for 2005 and 2006. It also was co-owned by Pertierra and Grishkoff and went out of business in September 2006.

Numerous other medical companies were set up in Miami after 2006 by "Cristina" Pertierra and went out of business after about a year.

"Christina" Pertierra set up a new medical business in Miami in June 2011 called Accountable Care Medical Group of Florida, Inc. with John Ward and Evaldo Dupuy which is still in business.


  1. Anonymous4:52 PM

    Dear KQ4YM:
    I have read your article with extreme interest and found some of your cloak and dagger allegations quite amusing. Perhaps this all is part of a major conspiracy theory, and this is a covert goverment cell placed here to contact aliens and other weird beings. Maybe you know some of them and can help us make contact.
    Rather than trashing a place that has put their best effort forward, and invested precious resources in an area where the hospital and other medical enterprises have come to truly rape, pilage, and burn, you should try and look at the real facts as to who is involved.
    For example, Christina Pertierra has had a long history of helping underprivilidged and destitute individuals in Miami, Florida(The place of all your alleged suspected activities) and has benefited a number individuals in a long history of medical practices. I have yet to see Ms.Pertierra with any problems with any government agencies or any regulatory body that would indicate a wrong doing.
    However, on the flip side if we look locally, we have the hospital which is playing a cat and mouse game by not disclosing any of their business transactions with local enterprises, and truly jeapordizing the local community by failing to provide adequate care and demonstrating complete ignorance in managing a viable institution. Let me restate what I just said: Demostrating inadequate ablities to manage a public facility for the benefit of the community (maybe somebody else is reaping the rewards-now there is a conspiracy theory- what do you think?).
    Ultimately, the community of LaBelle will determine if we are the big Mafioso type, or we are here to do what others have not - provide vital medical services for an underserved and abused comminty.
    I invite you to stop by and visit this racket we are running and judge for yourself if the intetions are noble. Meanwhile we look forward to your next chapeter in what otherwise could be viewed as a fascinating novel.

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    Anonymous don't know what their talking bout. The Pertierra clan is a bunch of criminals - talk about mafioso types. Christina Pertiera has been arrested for check fraud scams and assault & battery. A Rafael Pertierra (must be a husband or son) has become a resident of LaBelle and is a conviceted child sex offender and known drug dealer. And these are the folks who want to take our children & wives to see there doctors?! Who are they kidding? These types need to go back to nwhere they came from.

  3. In checking the statements of the last comment post which was posted by "anonymous" June 15, 2006: It is entireley the perception of the poster, we could not verify any of his statements. There is no record of an any arrest of Christina Pertierra in Hendry county, and no record of an alleged relative of hers committing any sex offenses in Florida. If the commenter has any information that can be verified we will check it out.

    Don Browne, editor

  4. Anonymous5:47 PM

    Miami Dade County?

  5. Anonymous5:43 PM

    I have had the opportunity of dealing with the previously mentioned Christina Pertierra. It has been one of the worst experiences I’ve had. She is absolutely a person you don’t want to have any type of business with. Please hear this warning! Avoid dealing with this woman!

  6. Anonymous2:10 PM

    cristina pertierra has NEVER been arrested for any crimes whatsoever and was never associated with Miguel Recarey. Jorge Recarey and Cristina formed a company that never even had a checking account. By the way Cristina met Mr Jorge Recarey in 2005.
    All the comments above have been made in order to damage Ms Pertierra who had the audacity and the good heart to come into La Belle and offer residents the medical care that they so much needed. Those who had been cashing out on the tax payers and did not do anything for the residents of La Belle for many years are probably the ones that had these awful comments posted in this Blog.
    Just to show you that many times... No good deed goes unpunished!
    Shame on those who have posted

  7. Anonymous12:06 AM

    OMG! This woman ms pertierrra is responsible for hundreds of Florida doctors acquiring their medical licenses while doing community work for the underserved community! She has donated her time and hard earned money generously!
    She created non for profit care for the poor and went to central Florida to invest whatever little she had to help a town that till then had virtually no medical care.
    Great giver, great friend, great boss, great human being!
    To the cowards that wrote these lies about her and her family...Karma will catch up with you...Sooner than later and
    May God forgive you!