Friday, October 13, 2006

Drug Agents March Into Pot House

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- Local law enforcement agencies are investigating
a local drug ring after an alleged marijuana drug house was raided
earlier this week. Details are being withheld as an investigation
continues by several agencies. Agents raided a local home and sources
say other arrests may be pending. The raided home has been sealed as
evidence and the electric lines to the house cut off.

Drug enforcement agencies note that a typical "grow house" sometimes
can be easily spotted as illegal activities are underway, by signs
of unusual activity at the home, "residents" with out-of-area
vehicle tags, and window and yards protected by privacy screens.
Power companies also note unusually high amount of electric being
consumed at such drug growing homes for the special lighting and
irrigation equipment needed in a sealed window and doored house.

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  1. Anonymous5:06 PM

    Hendry County -the hidden drug and money laundering capital of the Universe. Where every drug trafficking ring has their people infiltrated in every key County position to protect the drug dealers and the access to public money they redirect. Got to love this place!