Monday, October 09, 2006

Local Non-Profit Get Grant

CLEWISTON, FLORIDA -- C.R.E.W., Inc. has been awarded a $208,000
grant by the State of Florida's Department of Financial Services to
administer the My Safe Florida Home hurricane mitigation program
designed to help fortify low-income Hendry and Glades County homes.
The Volunteer Florida Foundation, which manages the Florida Hurricane
Relief Fund and the My Safe Florida Home program for low-income
homeowners, chose C.R.E.W., Inc to provide hurricane mitigation
grants to homeowners who earn no more than 80 percent of the Annual
Median Income. In Hendry and Glades counties, 80% of the AMI for a
family of four is $31,000. Homes to receive mitigation services must
be site-built, single-family homes with insurance coverage under
$500,000 and have a homestead exemption.

C.R.E.W., Inc seeks to serve 100 homeowners, who will receive free
home inspections to determine what improvements can be made to
strengthen their homes against hurricanes. Following the inspections,
homeowners will receive assistance to make recommended improvements.
As part of this non-profit initiative, C.R.E.W., Inc will leverage
donations of labor through volunteers, contractor services, cash and
building materials.

Homeowners who qualify can receive funds to complete mitigation
upgrades such as: improving the strength of roof deck attachments,
creating a secondary water barrier to prevent water intrusion,
improving the survivability of roof covering, bracing gable-ended
roof framing, reinforcing roof-to-wall connections, upgrading
exterior wall openings, such as hurricane shutters, and upgrading
exterior doors, such as garage doors.

To apply for the program in (Hendry or Glades Counties), call (863-983-2390).

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  1. Anonymous10:53 PM

    The majority of people in the income ratio of $31,000 don't own homes and live in manufactured housing in Hendry and Glades Counties.
    So exactly who is CREW going to be helping?