Friday, October 27, 2006

Lake Okeechobee To Get High Tech Survey

CLEWISTON, FLORIDA -- Federal Emergency Management officials
announced this week that over concerns about the safety of Lake
Okeechobee's aging earth dike and what would happen should it fail, a
high tech survey will be taken before next summer to calculate flood
zones surrounding the nations second largest freshwater lake.

Official say that seven emergency planners will develop strategies to
deal with any future emergency caused by a failing dike. Gov. Jeb
Bush had asked for help after state-hired engineers called the
Herbert Hoover Dike a ``grave and imminent danger.''

New laser based aerial mapping, using a technique known as Light
Detection and Ranging or LiDar, will survey the lake area and enable
mappers to draw elevation maps of the lands surrounding the giant
lake, accurate to about 1 foot, and enable survey crews to finish
much quicker with more accurate results than older land based survey
crews could do.

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