Sunday, October 22, 2006

Small Chance Of Getting Caught At Crime In Hendry?

Florida Department Of Law Enforcement Crime Report Released

LABELLE, FLORIDA -- According to the latest crime statistics for the period from January 2006 through June 2006 it would appear there's not a good chance wrong doers will get arrested for committing crimes in Hendry county. Of the 691 crimes reported during the six month period only 22.7% were "cleared" according to the latest county crime report.

While that is about the average clearance rate for all counties in Florida, some county Sheriffs apparently have better success rates like Washington County with 48%, Marion 45%, Holmes 55%, Franklin 64%, and Baker county 61%.

During the last six months in Hendry county there were reported 377 larcenies, 151 burglaries, 104 aggravated assaults 46 motor vehicle thefts, 28 robberies, 4 rapes, and 1 murder. Last year there were 882 crimes reported in the same period with about the same poor clearance record for that period's crimes.


  1. Anonymous11:40 AM

    And that does not include all the crimes that do not get reported. Like getting your ass kicked when you do report a crime in a place that does not want crimes reported.
    "hey there's no crime here"- yea Right!

    Nobody has the funding to fight crime here-BS!!!

  2. Anonymous6:14 AM

    Yes the SO can't solve crime, but we have the Sheriff of the year for the next 26 months, but who is counting.
    There is already a candidate that has filed for the job.
    Say goodbye "Hay Buddy"