Thursday, December 06, 2007

Death In Crash Near LaBelle High School

Truck Overturns Killing LaBelle Man

LABELLE, FL. -- Charles William Fradenburg, 23 of LaBelle died in a violent crash while driving a 2006 Ford pickup truck on Cowboy Way, directly across from LaBelle High School Wednesday morning at 11 a.m.

The vehicle was eastbound on East Cowboy Way and entered the right hand curve approaching Castleton Terrace. After exiting the curve, it crossed the westbound lane and partially entered the north shoulder. The driver attempted to recover by steering to the right but then traveled across both lanes of East Cowboy Way and onto the south shoulder, steered back to the left and began to rotate clockwise.

The vehicle then struck a palmetto tree with its right side and overturned approximately 1 to 2 times, ejecting the driver. The vehicle then struck two palm trees with its right side and came to rest upright facing northwest on the south shoulder.

Investigators say Fradenburg was not wearing a seat belt and an investigation is pending for alcohol use.related to the crash.

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