Saturday, December 15, 2007

From Golf Course To Cow Pasture

Port LaBelle Inn Land Now Home For Cows

LABELLE, FL. -- The owner of the Port LaBelle Inn is now pasturing six cows on his acreage adjoining the motel. Richard Siebel says in order to save on property taxes he has fenced off the land and will place cattle there in order to qualify for an agricultural exemption from the Hendry County Tax Appraiser's office next year.

The land would have to be put in agricultural use by January 1, 2008 to qualify. It is now classified as leisure and recreational use. The county master plan lists the land as a regional park.

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1 comment:

  1. Anonymous12:32 PM

    Typical hendry County selfimage: "I do not care if I live on a Manicured Golf Course or a Cow Pasture" as long as I do not have to pay...
    No wonder no credible investors ever do anything here. To break out of the poverty cycle you must think and feel above it. Give up the ties to drug dealers and traffickers, clean up your yards, paint your houses, outlaw future trailer installations outside trailer parks. Hold slumlords accountable for code violations and the drug dealing on their properties. Hey the answers are there just stop going to bed with drug dealers and promote a clean community.- Be an American Patriot (wherever you are from)... turn in a drug dealer today!