Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Ortona Christmas Decoration Contest Winners

Light Up Ortona 2007 Winners Announced

ORTONA, FL. -- Judging the outdoor Christmas lighting displays for the Ortona Community Association was no hard task for Frances Bryant and Bill Heflin of Moore Haven, who for many years have won first place in such contests at their home on Avenue C in Moore Haven.
Recognizing the time, effort, expense and beauty of the exhibit proudly displayed by Wanda & Wesley Pearce of 2450 Ortona Road, the Judges declared them Grand Prize Winner granting them OCA�s official North Pole Award. 
Following closely in rating were two who tied for first place:  Lisa Knight of 3265 Riverview Drive, and Edward and Dorothy Triplett of 3525 Riverview Drive.  Ms. Knight was given the Best of Show for design and layout, and Mr. and Mrs. Triplett received the Joy To The World award for the variety of themes in their giant display. 
Mrs. Bryant said it was a real pleasure to have 30 awards to give out recognizing the efforts of so many participants.
Other winners were:
Angels Award                                      Leticia Skipper 3270 Ortona Rd
Bright Star Award                                Sheldon & Greta Barroquillo 3320 Riverview Dr       
Candle Lighters Award                       Paul & Liz Dicke 12175 Dolphin Ln
Candy Canes Award                           John & Shirley Nugent 12210 Helm Ln
Christmas Spirit Award                       Jonathan & Mandy McRoy 13475 Ortona Rd
Christmas Trees Award                     Dean and April Beavers 3540 Riverview Dr
County Christmas Award                   Deona Campos, 12625 Aqua Ln
Country Porch Award                         Sal & Dorinda Campos 12920 Williams Rd
Florida Christmas Award                    Lilla Porter 145 Friendly Ln
Garland Award                                    Sheldon & Greta Barroquillo 3320 Riverview Dr
Jingle Bells Award                               Hiram & Nancy Riley 12685 Shady Ln
Nativity Award                                     154 Park Lane Meadowlark   
Polar Bear Award                                Tina Derringer 3050 Riverview Dr
Reindeer Award                                  Earnest & Jean Styles 3230 Riverview Dr
Rudolph�s Award                                 Lawrence & Betty Steger 12705 Williams Rd
Santa Clause Award                           Sal & Dorinda Campos 12920 Williams Rd
Santa�s Helper Award                         Tina Derringer 3050 Riverview Dr                 
Shepherd�s Award                              Leticia Skipper 3270 Ortona Rd
Snowman Award                                Leticia Skipper 3270 Ortona Rd
Tallest Tree Award                              Hal & Nan Griffin 13940 Live Oak Ln
White Christmas Award                     154 Park Lane Meadowlark
Winter Wonderland Award                 Tina Derringer 3050 Riverview Dr.
Honorable Mention                              Bob & Diane Cook 12210 Dolphin Ln
Honorable Mention                              Earnest & Joy Cox 12200 Helm Ln

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