Thursday, December 06, 2007

The Mormon Beliefs - Romney Avoids

What Do Mormons Believe - Romney Avoids Issue

LABELLE, FL. -- Republican candidate for U.S. President Mitt Romney today avoided an explanation about his religious beliefs in a speech delivered in Texas at the George Bush Musuem and Library. Many Americans believe Mormonism is a cult because it states the Book of Mormon is a new revelation from God, a complimentary writing equal to the Bible.

Romney said that as president he would "serve no one religion, no one group, no one cause," and said and explanation of his religious beliefs go against the profound wishes of the nation's founders, and would not let his beliefs interfere with running the county as President.

In Hendry county, the Mormon church through various legal entities, owns thousands of acres of land.

A summary of Mormon beliefs (and a link to offical Mormon site)

A summary of Mormon beliefs Part 2

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  1. It might be more useful to go a Mormon website to find out about Mormon theology. All of the church's scripture and curriculum can be found at

    The site you gave is decidedly anti-Mormon. Should a non-Christian go to an atheist web site to discover Christian theology?