Friday, January 25, 2008

Florida Pilot Gets $5 Million Reward

Award For Turning In Terrorist

MIAMI, FL. --  A 69-year old Miami man got the first reward to a U.S. citizen for information leading to the arrest of a terrorist, said two sources in the State Department, who reportedly leaked the information about the recipients' identity to the press.

Clarence "Clancy" Prevost, formerly was a flight instructor in Minneapolis and taught convicted terrorist Zacarias Moussaoui in August of 2001 how to fly. Prevost told his supervisors that he was suspicious of the student.  

Two other flight instructors are now wondering why only Prevost got the huge reward saying they were the ones who actually called the FBI. Tim Nelson and Hugh Sims of Ft. Myers were credited with contacting the FBI to Moussaoui and received a Senate resolution in 2005 that commended their "bravery" and "heroism."

Prevost, although not the person who notified the FBI, testified at Moussaoui's trial because he was the flight instructor. The reward ceremony was private as the State Department does not identify the reward recipients. But two Bush administration officials said anonymously the reward went to Prevost.

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