Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Glades Sheriff Gets Jail Expansion

Sales Tax Money To Renovate Jail

MOORE HAVEN, FL. --  The Glades County Commission this week approved the expenditure of $1.1 Million from 1% sales tax money to renovate the old Glades county jail facility to increase the bed count from 32 to 76. 

County Manager Wendell Taylor presented a "road map" of scheduling for the renovations of the facility which will then be available to contract for lease to Glades Correctional Development Corporation who is already at full capacity at the new jail facility operated by Sheriff Whiddon. 

Glades Sheriff Chief Deputy Robert DeMann told the Board he had added 124 beds to the original 422 in the new jail facility to provide for an average daily population that is now over 500, stating that Immigration Customs Enforcement has already contacted him anticipating placing more detainees when the old jail facility is available after renovation. 

He further stated GCDC is willing to contract to lease the facility at least long enough for all renovation costs to be recaptured, and probably longer. Sheriff Whiddon said "this is a go, we can do this."  Commissioner Echols thanked the Board for their support of his efforts heading up this project.

The Sheriff's request for intergovernment radio communications funds was approved as was the Sheriff's request for $29,000 from his $88,000 Radio Communication Funds to purchase new mobile radios.

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  1. Anonymous1:16 PM

    Wow - poor Glades county making money housing prisoners while neighbor Hendry Sheriff can't keep his jail clean and manned let along have room for prisoners.