Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Economic Impacts Of Ag In Hendry-Glades

17,625 Agricultural Jobs In Hendry County

LABELLE, FL. -- The University of Florida's Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences (IFAS) reports each year on the economic impacts of agricultural and related industries for each Florida county.

Agriculture in Hendry county, according to the latest reports generates 17,625 job or 78% of the county's employment, bring $1.3 billion in revenues, 66% of the gross regional revenues.

Hendry county funded $302,425 of the Hendry Agricultural Extension Office budget, while the State contributed $440,193, and Federal funds added $95,121.

Gene McAvoy, County Extension Director reports that 131 volunteers worked 9,613 hours for a dollar value for hours worked of $200,431.

The main focus of the Extension Office in Hendry is on commercial vegetable growing, citrus, livestock production, sugarcane growing, agronomy, and 4-H youth development, says McAvoy.

Glades County

Glades Extension Director Michael Jensen reports his county produced 1,175 agricultural jobs and contributing 33% of Glades' gross regional product income. The State funds $116,652 of the Glades Extension Office budget, Glades county funded $45,844, and Federal funds were $19,024.

25 volunteers provided 1,727 hours of work valued at $36,008.

The focus of the Glades Extension office is developing and improving life skills and interpersonal relationships, livestock programs, small farm livestock production, and beef and forage programs.

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    U.S. consumers pay an extra $826,000 for each sugar production job saved.