Friday, February 11, 2011

Google's Cr-48 "Cloud" Computer - The Future?

How A Computer From Google May Change My Internet Life

It was a sunny Friday afternoon. I spotted a medium-sized brown box on my doorstep.

I did not remember having ordering anything on eBay or Amazon in recent weeks, and I knew Christmas and my birthday were long gone.

I'm a writer and local news publisher, and having written reviews and commentaries on things technical, and not, for decades, I receive items for review from time to time courtesy of companies seeking promotion or at least a kind review of new products.

But, in this box, I sensed was something entirely different this time.

Wondering just what might be inside this five-pound mystery box, I grabbed my x-acto knife and began cutting the taped enclosure in earnest.

Inside, a box decorated in a sort of modern graphic somewhere between a Rube Golberg schematic and a Salvador Dali print, a mouse prominently included.

And inside, a sleek, black 3.5 pound Google Chrome Cr-48 notebook computer, along with power cord, a colorful vinyl decal sheet, two printed instruction sheets, and a small business-sized card from Intel, the only promotional piece inside.

The new computer, compliments of Google, Inc. of Mountainview, California, is now my new "cloud" notebook, to use as I please, to discover what may be the future of computing.

to be continued...

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