Wednesday, February 23, 2011

The Mystery At LaBelle's Barron Library

Wi-fi Inoperable For A Month At LaBelle Library - No One's Talking

LABELLE, FL. -- Just why the wi-fi at the Barron Library has not been working for over a month is a mystery that no one seems to be able to discuss. Inquires by the Sunday Morning News are leading to dead air, so to speak.

A sign has been posted on the Barron Library door warning that there is no wi-fi available. The computer and wi-fi service are probably the most popular activities at the LaBelle library. But the librarian will only say they don't know why it's not working, and they have called the IT person in Clewiston, waiting for them to come and fix it.

Eric Tommerdahl, director of the Clewiston library says the IT person is someone from the City of Clewiston, but he refused to give any more details and said he would not give me a name of anyone to contact at the City but would tell them I inquired.

The mystery remains, an apparently tightly-held secret in the bowels of the Hendry library system and the City of Clewiston's IT department.


It appears that former Hendry Commissioner and current Utilities Director of the City of Clewiston Keven McCarthy is responsible for keeping the Barron Library wi-fi working.

McCarthy's IT person is Steven Hess, who described himself as "a one man shop" as the systems administrator of the City of Clewiston and network services technician at his Linkedin page profile.

Hess says in his profile that he's "looking for an opportunity to work within larger, more complex systems and working with (sic) within a team environment."

We don't yet know who's responsible for the delay in getting the Barron Library internet computer wi-fi working, McCarthy, Hess, or Library Administrator Tommerdahl. And we don't know why no one wants to talk about it.


  1. Anonymous1:34 PM

    God forbid you ask for a fireman list, you may be stalked for life.

  2. Anonymous12:21 PM

    I bet it was all the user's were downloading so much Child porn that the wifi was shut down