Wednesday, February 02, 2011

LaBelle's Flora & Ella's Restaurant Closing?

Landmark Restaurant Doomed As Bonita Bay Decides Not To Renew Lease

LABELLE, FL. -- The owner of the building housing landmark LaBelle restaurant and meeting place Flora and Ella's has decided not to renew the lease for the historic, popular restaurant known for it's mountain-high merengue pies.

(click on video for exterior views of Flora and Ella's)

Owned and operated for many years by Alan and Irene Trask, the couple sold the property at 550 West Hickpoochee Avenue in January 2005 to Fred J. Burson, Trustee. Burson a local real estate broker and investor leased it to the Bonita Bay Group.

Bonita Bay, a large real estate development company saw a downturn in sales in recent years with the collapse in the real estate market.

The restaurant was managed for the last several years by Debbie Klemmer, a relative of the original founders, Ella and Flora Burchard. Bonita Bay reportedly wants to get out of the restaurant business and the property owner is looking for someone to lease the property.

The lease runs out March 31, 2011.

The sales price of the property in 2005 was $1,260,300. The Hendry property appraiser says the parcel is worth $834,000 on the 2010 valuation. Hendry real estate taxes were $18,622 last year.

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  1. I'm sad to hear that Flora & Ella's Restaurant is closing. Before we moved to California in 1997 we came at least monthly to enjoy the fried catfish, grits and hush puppies. Being that we still have family in LaBelle, Lehigh and Alva when we come back to SW Florida we always make a point to come to Flora & Ella's. But like they say all good things come to an end someday and I guess it's just their time. I know the restaurant and empoyees will be sadly missed.