Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Hendry Restaurant Food Safety - Dirty Kitchens!

Many Violations Found In Clewiston And LaBelle Restaurant Kitchens

LABELLE, FL. -- In a survey of 28 LaBelle and Clewiston restaurants, only one was found with no food safety violations after the most recent inspections by the Florida Division of Hotels and Restaurants. Wendy's in LaBelle came out with flying colors with a perfect food safety inspection (Wendy's in Clewiston had 10 violations), while all other LaBelle eateries were found with one or more "critical" food safety violations.

In our last full survey in April, 2010 Taco Bell/KFC was the only eatery with a perfect inspection record. This year 1 critical violation was found by inspectors there.

Last year, seven restaurants were found with no required state certified food managers on staff: Jones EZ Foods, Burger King, Beef O Brady's, Palateria Los Mayos, Popeye's, Hungry Howie's, and Olivia's. This year all restaurants inspected had properly certified managers. (Olivia's went out of business and the Port LaBelle Inn has started it's own restaurant but has no inspection yet

Last year two restaurants were given full inspections as the result of consumer complaints, Jones EZ Food and Log Cabin BBQ. This year only Fortune Cookie had a "full complaint" and is subject to it's eighth follow up inspection after two recurring violations were found. The Fortune Cookie, for many years, has had the worst food safety history in Hendry county of all restaurants surveyed.

This year McDonald's in Clewiston had the worst inspection record with 15 violations, 11 being "critical."

Last year, Don's Restaurant had a food safety inspector note: "Observed presence of insects, rodents, or other pests on tables close to front door." This year the pest problem had been solved, but they still had seven violations compared to four last year.

The LaBelle and Clewiston, Florida restaurant list below includes the name, date of last inspection and number of violations found by inspectors.

Taco Bell 12/10/2010 1 critical violation
Little Caesar's 2/25/2011 2 total, 1 critical *updated
El Tarasco Mexican 1/5/2011 6 total, 5 critical
Chalkboard Deli 4/25/2011 2 critical *updated
Riverbend Motorcoach Resort 3/8/2011 2 critical *updated
Jones EZ Food 2/9/2011 6 total, 4 critical
Rodeo Grill 2/23/2011 9 critical (incl. slime in ice machine) *updated
Flora And Ella 2/23/2011 4 critical *updated
McDonald's LaBelle 2/25/2011 5 total, 4 critical *updated
Burger King 9/27/2010 1 total
Burger King Clewiston 1/5/2011 6 total, 5 critical
Wendy's 3/4/2011 4 critical incl. slime in ice machine *updated
Wendy's Clewiston 1/3/2011 10 total, 6 critical
McDonald's Clewiston 2/2/2011 15 total 11 critical
Contreas 3/23/2010 3 critical
Beef O Brady's 2/9/2011 2 critical
Beef O Brady's Clewiston 2/2/11 8 total, 7 critical
Subway 1/5/2011 2 critical
Subway Clewiston 2/11/2011 1 total
Don's Restaurant 2/23/2011 8 total, 7 critical *updated
Hungry Howie's 3/8/2011 3 critical incl. slime in ice machine *updated
Popeye's 2/9/2011 5 total, 2 critical
Popeye's Clewiston 12/10/2010 4 total, 2 critical
PALATERIA LOS MAYAS 1/13/2011 1 total
Port LaBelle Inn 5/13/2011 3 critical incl. metal shavings and crusted material on can opener *updated

Log Cabin BBQ 1/5/2011 3 total, 2 critical
Forrey Grill 2/9/2011 6 critical
Big V 3/8/2011 9 total, 8 critical *updated
The Chalkboard Deli (new) 2/23/11 1 critical *updated
Fortune Cookie 2/25/2011 11 critical (include a "full complaint" and 2 recurring violations-9 follow up inspections have been required here in last year and one-half) *updated

*Updates: As of 3/23/11, nine LaBelle restaurants had been reinspected and the new violations are noted above. The Fortune Cookie retains it's historical standing of many years as having Hendry county's poorest food safety record, with the most number of violations. 4/25/11, Chalkboard Deli inspection 2 critical including food not date marked and raw meat stored near other foods. 5/13/2011, Port LaBelle Inn (Oxbow Grill) inspected for 1st time since hotel took it over, 3 critical items including handwashing and can opener issues.

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