Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Arrested On Warrants In LaBelle

Man Taken In On Probation Violations

LABELLE, FL. -- John Robert Munson was arrested Tuesday afternoon, April 19th on two warrants. Three Hendry deputies were on scene at a Springview Circle residence in Port LaBelle to pick him up. One officer said he had two warrants including a violation of probation.

Munson was on 24-month's probation for Grand Theft and False Verification of Ownership from a video camera theft and afterwards pawning it a a local pawn shop. He violated probation by failing to report as directed by the Hendry court on March 14 to Sebring, Florida and then a failure to report in Sebring as ordered by the Highlands county officials.

He also violated probation when he left Highlands county and entered Hendry without consent of the probation officer and failed to report to his Highlands county probation officer on April 17th.

Munson is the son of John K. Munson, owner of K&M Lake Placid, Inc. in Highlands County and JKM LLC., also in Lake Placid. Munson owned and was formerly associated with J&J Drugs and Juan and John Drugs, Inc. in Hendry county.

(Arrest Video Above)

The Sunday Morning News is trying to determine what relationship the arrestee has to the Port LaBelle residence where he was picked up, and at this time it appears he is a friend of family members there.

Correction: We previously identified the arrested man in the video as Bryan Boyle who is an acquaintance of Munson. Boyle lives at the residence where the arrest was made.

According to court records Boyle, the son of City of LaBelle's Superintendent of Public Works Michael A. Boyle, is a habitual traffic offender. Boyle was last found guilty of violation of probation on February 11, 2011 and a warrant was issued. He had been convicted of violating driver's license restrictions. Boyle had been in jail January 11, 2011 for violation of probation and released on $2500 bond.

He has a lengthy violation record in Hendry county, including numerous misdemeanor and felony arrests going back to 1993.

Update May 13, 2011: Bryan Boyle plead no contest at trial before Judge James Sloan and adjudicated guilty on May 12 to a charge of violation of driver's license restrictions and unlawful attachment. He was given a sentence of 30 days in the Hendry County jail and court costs of $253.

Boyle was arrested again August 22, 2011 for violation of drivers license restrictions.

Munson was adjudged guilty August 1, 2011 and sentenced to six months in county jail with credit for three months and tens days served.


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    about dang time

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    This is progress!!But there is more to come.

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    Business continues in the driveway at the arrest scene...keep watching Sheriff!

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    looks like you need a new hobby! Get a life and to kQ4ym: stay out of peoples business. Go back to Ohio, the highway to nowhere. All this info is peti, write up on something a little more important. maybe find out who is burglarizing all the homes in labelle, and leave trafic offenders alone. Everyone should pay the consequences of there bad decisions, but come on....Sherrif,your doing a fine job!