Monday, April 25, 2016

CenturyLink Increases Internet "Fee" 100% Again This Year

CenturyLink Doubles "Fee" Without Notice To Customers
Notice your bill from CenturyLink higher this month compared to last month? CenturyLink has doubled what they call the "Broadband Cost Recovery Fee" from $1.99 to $3.99 for all it's customers. With at least five million broadband customers, CenturyLink just gained an additional $10,000,000 income without any notice to customers about the fee increase.

The company also doubled the fee last in April 2015 from 99 cents to $1.99, again without telling customers in advance or explaining afterward why it's raised.

CenturyLink is well known for what are commonly called "junk fees," added on to bills but not disclosed in advertising. Most people did not seem to notice their April 2016 internet bill went up one dollar.

CenturyLink in the past has said in defense, "Internet cost recovery is a new monthly recurring charge which is applied to all consumer and business HSI lines in service. It helps cover the costs associated with building and maintaining the internet network."

Most customers would think that building and maintaining the internet network is part of their job and should not be subject to a hidden add-on fee that is not disclosed to customers in advertising.

But, the company easily gets away with it and seems to not be violating any laws unless one might call the low rates shown in ads false advertising because the rates promised are not what the customer is billed for later.


  1. Anonymous12:33 PM

    I just noticed the increase on my April 2016 bill and since I hadn't heard of any upcoming increases I pulled out several months of previous bills to see if I had missed the notification. Nope. None of my bills mentions a change coming.
    I'd like to keep my landline phone but at the rate the recovery fees are being increased they just might lose me as a landline phone customer very soon. (I have a cell phone with another provider, and am considering getting an internet phone--some initial outlay but it would save me about $15 a month if I go with just Broadband service from CenturyLink)

  2. I have internet only with centurylink and suddenly my bill is $2.00 more for internet recovery fee, now $3.99 instead of $1.99. My previous carrier would notify customers of any change in billing happened. I didn't get any notification of this change. When I signed up for internet the salesman strongly promised my bill would not go up. When I called centurylink and asked about and she acted like it was a government fee, that's the impression I got anyway. I going to call them again and closely listen to what they say.

  3. From no fee to $.99 to $1.99 to $3.99 in less than 3 years! I canceled service right away! We vote in November and we vote with our dollars that's the only way to stop this crap! Hope they go bankrupt because of this corrupt practice!

  4. Anonymous12:16 AM

    At this rate, the fee will be about $1,024/mo by 2024!

  5. Anonymous5:36 PM

    This is annoying to the highest degree and lack of competition is even more annoying. If this continues I might completely depend on my phone data.

  6. Anonymous9:38 PM

    How can a class action lawsuit be filed against this ridiculous company? I want my "related charges" back!

  7. Anonymous11:16 AM

    I only have Internet with CenturyLink and I am also paying the $3.99 as well as a $1.82 Communications Services Tax to Lake County for a Phone Number CenturyLink has associated with my account, even though I do not have a phone with them!I also pay a 911 surcharge and relay service fee, all associated with a phone number I DON'T HAVE!