Saturday, April 30, 2016

President At White House Correspondent's Dinner 9:30 PM

Don't Hold Politicians To Any Promises Or Schedule

WASHINGTON, D.C. -- Another annual "Comedian In Chief" dinner with President Obama should be a rewarding evening of entertainment and barbs by the President. Scheduled to begin live Saturday at 8 P.M. or as soon as Hollywood’s hottest stars, members of the press, famous athletes, and major political players get finished with their chicken dinners.

The speeches were delayed as dinner began later than scheduled. ( Skip to 54:00 in the video when introductions of the panel is made, go to 2:08:00 when Mrs. Obama presents awards, to 2:27:00 for spoof video of Obama's Presidency, and to 2:33:00 for Obama's comedic comments. )

Comedian Larry Wilmore co-hosted the event and spoke following Obama's comments.

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