Sunday, May 08, 2016

Mother's Day - Commentary By Bill Neville

Commentary By T.W. Bill Neville

With my Mother having left this world in 1976 and my wife,
the Mother of our 5 sons, in 2015, I'm facing the "first"
Mother's Day without a "Mother" at all. Never fear, those five
sons she gave me, provided 4 of the greatest Mothers in the world!
Four Daughter in Laws, 10 GRANDS. & 6 GREAT GRANDS.

With that as "MY" heritage from my wife of 66 years, will I
be happy on "this" Mother's Day? That's a "resounding"
YES, as I approach my 88th birthday, "courtesy" of my "own"

It was from "both" my Mother and my wife, who were, and
still are "role" models for those who were fortunate enough
to have known them. That "heritage", I speak of, is
best evidenced in what I learned from them, and what they
taught me about "LOVE."

LOVE is more than verses on a Mother's Day card, exchanging
"VOWS". pledging to love. honor and obey, or even two HEARTS
blending into "ONE." Once we learn that "LOVE" is HERE
and NOW, REAL and TRUE, and the most IMPORTANT thing in the
world, YOU are on your way to that "fabled" SHANGRI LA!

"TRUE" LOVE "radiates" such happiness that never fades, it's
mysterious, magical joy, is what sustains me, and is the
"greatest" treasure of "all", known "only" to those that have, or
are, experiencing "TRUE LOVE!!"

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