Saturday, May 07, 2016

Scam Alert - Fake IRS Agent Phone Calls

LABELLE, FL. -- The Hendry County Sheriff’s Office has received numerous complaints from residents reporting that they are receiving calls from individuals identifying themselves as IRS agents.

The callers claim to be from the IRS and are telling residents that they owe back taxes. The victims are being threatened with arrest, deportation or suspension of their driver’s license if they don't pay up. In most cases, the callers become aggressive and insulting.
It appears that the callers are trying to frighten their victims; and unfortunately it often works. Sheriffs Steve Whidden said, “Fortunately the callers who contacted us ignored the callers' demands recognizing it as a scam.”
If you received an e-mail, or message from an automated caller or if you speak with someone who says you owe back taxes, do not provide them with any personal information such as your social security number, credit card or bank number. 

If you actually owe money to the IRS you will first receive a notice in the mail. Sheriff Whidden warns not to fall for these scam artists on the internet or over the phone.

The IRS will not initiate contact with taxpayers by email, social media or text messages to get information from a person or ask for financial information. It also doesn't ask for pin numbers or other confidential access information.
If you believe you may be a victim to this scam, please contact law enforcement immediately.

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