Wednesday, May 11, 2016

So, What Do You Think About Walmart's Grand Opening?

'Where's The Special Deals' Ask Customers

LABELLE, FL. -- The long wait is over today, as Florida's newest Walmart Supercenter officially opened it's doors at 7:30 a.m. Wednesday on State Road 80 west of the city of LaBelle.

The store is open 24 hours daily and features a pharmacy, garden shop, auto fueling center, and all the usual departments. The opening hour brought lots of cars and trucks, filling the parking lot to about three-quarters full. But, there didn't seem to be many buyers this morning, The dozens of checkout lines were mostly empty of paying customers.

Simple opening ceremonies this morning started with singing the national anthem, a prayer, and brief comments by LaBelle Mayor Dave Lyons, while the LaBelle Marching Band performed briefly out front and then marched through the store playing a vigorous march, one of the most smile-producing features of this morning's opening.

Former owner of the citrus grove land where Walmart now sits, Ben S. Moore Sr., was one of the visitors this morning.

Pepsi gave out bottles of flavored teas, and Entenmann's, donuts and muffin samples. Walmart personnel were out if force welcoming visitors and lots of presumed Walmart execs in suits congregated together in small groups.

Customer comments seemed to be focused on where's the "grand opening" special deals and prices. A sampling of prices seemed mostly higher than local stores, but huge stocks of merchandise throughout the store dwarfed any local store inventory.

See a 17-picture photo album of Grand Opening

UPDATE: At the Saturday May 14 "Re-Grand Opening" Walmart was giving away hot dogs, cupcakes and coffee outside under awning tents. The gasoline price was reduced from Wednesday's opening at $2.21 to $2.05 Saturday. There were considerably more shoppers buying good Saturday afternoon compared to Wednesday's morning grand opening.

Post your comments below, good or bad, about LaBelle's largest store.


  1. LaBelle's mayor is not Paul Puletti

  2. LaBelle's mayor is not Paul Puletti. You have the wrong name listed.

  3. You are correct of course. I think I got up way too early this morning and my brain was not yet in gear.

  4. Anonymous11:52 AM

    It takes some time for some people in "media" to get word that Dave Lyons has been the Mayor of LaBelle for some time now.
    Sure looks like Mayor Dave Lyons welcoming Walmart in the pictures

  5. Charles Watkins6:58 PM

    Best thing that ever happened to LaBelle !!!!!!!