Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Al PerryTo Clewiston Citizens

CLEWISTON, FL. - - Al Perry, city manager of Clewiston sent out the following by phone message to the public Wednesday evening: 

"I have some updates for you on the hurricane Matthew and hurricane preparedness and your governmental facilities in the services that will be provided so I ask that you please listen up. There been some changes since this afternoon as far as the storm goes. We are still looking at a category four storm 120 mile an hour winds, the storm seems to be taking the same path. This was this morning. We are right on the edge of the tropical stormwinds so we encourage everybody to prepare for tropical storm winds it could be worse. It could bebetter the city. The city is going to be closed the next 2 days Thursday and Friday for sure, tomorrow, possibly Friday. So there will be no solid waste pick up tomorrow. It will be this is a change from this morning. It will be no solid waste pick up tomorrow. So please do not put your cans out, if your neighbors if out if you see you. Or neighbors can is out please encourage them to put it inside and get it secured. The Lake Okeechobee locks will be closed at 8 o'clock tonight for the boaters at 8 o'clock the locks will close. As far as the shelter tomorrow at 12 o'clock noon the shelter will open that will be the Clewiston Middle school and the Labelle middle school. There'll be a special needs shelter open at the West Glades elementary school. That's on the labelle side, the West Glades elementary school. Be the special needs shelter. No pets are allowed in the shelters except for service animals. School is closed on Thursday and Friday, and we encourage it. We are in the middle of campaign season, so we would like to encourage everybody to put their campaign signs inside if you have one in your yard, please remove its ecured inside and secure any flying objects that could be in your yard. Make sure everything's tied down bring everything inside, so we don't have projectile flying around is what the city is encouraging. Be safe. That's what we want you to do be safe. We're securing our buildings were hardening our buildings and shelters with boards. We encourage you to do the same thing if you feel led to leave the area, Please do so. What we're doing is we're going to prepare for the worst, but we're praying for the best. Please be safe, and we will provide any updates from here on out. Have a good night."

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