Friday, March 02, 2018

Airglades Airport Sale - What's Going On At Hendry Commission

LaBelle, Fla. – The following is a highlight of the Hendry County Board of County Commissioners (BOCC) regular meeting held on Tuesday, February 27 at the County Commission Chamber in the Hendry County Courthouse in LaBelle, Florida. Among the items of note was the proposed sale of Airglades Airport to a private corporation subject to FAA approval.

  • ITB #2018-04- Delinquent Real Estate and Personal Property Tax Advertising for 2017 – The Board approved the selection of the Hendry-Glades Sunday News as the publisher for delinquent real estate and personal property taxes for 2017 and authorized the Tax Collector to enter into a contract with the newspaper.

  • Amendments to Background Screening Ordinance – The Board approved an amendment to the background screening ordinance that will better capture the positions that are required for fingerprinting in accordance with background screening policies. 
·         Planning and Community Development Department Activity Report (Building and Code Enforcement Activity Planning) – The Board asked Planning and Community Development staff to provide GIS maps to give an overlay of the Departments current status and future plans for development.

  • Purchase of Parcel in Monutra Ranch Estates – The Board approved the contract and authorized the Chairman to execute any other documents necessary to effectuate the purchase of 580 S. Cabbage Palm Street. The original asking price was $13,500. After some negotiations, the owner and County staff agreed upon $11,750 with the County paying all closing costs, with the exception of recording fees for any documents necessary to cure title, 50% of Sugar Realty's commission and Sugar Realty's data storage fee. Commissioner Turner requested to see the County staff’s long-term plan for the Montura community.

·         Purchase and Sale Agreement with Airglades International Airport, LLC for Airglades Airport – The Board approved the purchase and sale agreement with Airglades International Airport, LLC for Airglades Airport. This agreement is subject to the approval of Federal Aviation Administration.

  • Greg Finer of Crossroads Behavioral Health updated the Board on their current status. Crossroads has terminated their contract with Central Florida Behavioral Health effective March 9, 2018. Crossroads will remain in the community and looks forward to supporting the new providers, Center for Progressive Excellence, coming to Hendry County.

  • Commissioner Byrd requested staff compose a letter on behalf of the BOCC expressing the County’s condolences to Marjory Stoneman Douglas staff and students.
Commissioner Byrd also asked staff to review the terms regarding the honorary naming of buildings and whether or not the names are effected in the case of a rebuild. Commissioner Turner added that there should also be a clause stating names can be removed due to inappropriate actions or behavior by the namesake.
·         Commissioner Turner mentioned Hendry County Administrator, Charles Chapman’s meeting on Friday, March 2, 2018 with Glades County Administrator, Paul Carlisle and the Southwest Florida Community Foundation Staff to discuss the Hendry-Glades Training Center in Moore Haven. The Commissioner emphasized his desire to see a part-time director position and full-time administrative assistant position as soon as possible in the Center.

The Commissioner also asked staff to perform clean-up work at Ridgelawn Cemetery as well as look at adding elements to make the cemetery more visually attractive. Commissioner Turner added that residents need more information on what the County’s responsibilities are in terms of graveside maintenance and what is expected of the loved ones.

·         Commissioner Wills would like to see more aggressive efforts on cleaning out ditches in preparation for the upcoming hurricane season. The Commissioner mentioned that some residents are still putting horticulture debris out for pick up despite the fact that the debris pick-up process has ended.


  1. Anonymous4:48 PM

    There's a bunch sitting in the Hendry County jail system that would more than help .

  2. what ever happened with the plans to expand glades airport into a cargo hub ?

    1. We've done about seven articles about the controversial "cargo port" and the secrets over the years planned for Airglades Airport. The proposed sale giving the property to the coalition of U.S. Sugar and Hilliard Brothers is the step needed for them to control the airport and turn it into whatever they want, which they say will be for handling cargo instead of Miami International Airport. See all the stories here going back to 2010: