Thursday, March 01, 2018

Sheriff Steve Whidden Proposes Arming Teachers

LABELLE, FL. -- Hendry county Sheriff Steve Whidden has proposed a plan to arm county school teachers or staff with guns to protect students. He says after the recent Broward county school shooting, he realized "our school children were not safe."

All 11 county schools have deputy resource officers. But, Whidden explained in a video, each deputy's rifle is in a locker during their duty. 

Volunteer teachers will be given a psychological test, background check, and a drug test, and sent through tactical active shooter training. They will be sworn in as special deputies and be kept anonymous, Whidden said of the plan.

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  1. KC Schulberg1:07 PM

    So, the officers will have their firearms in a lock-box.... and the teachers will be concealed carry? Does that not sound like the world is backwards?
    How about no teachers carry guns. And we put money into psychological counseling, into healthcare and we institute sensible gun laws to protect our children AND OUR TEACHERS.

    KC Schulberg

  2. The Sheriff clarified Friday morning at a press conference, that the school deputies do carry a sidearm but put their long rifle in a lock box. See Friday's video for his full comments along with Superintendent of Schools Paul Puletti.

  3. Anonymous9:29 AM

    Sensible gun laws are for Law Abiding Citizens. KC Schulberg please tell us how will they get all the lawless people to obey sensible gun laws ? My guess is you want to post more "Gun free zone sign" which lawless people have never and will never obey. I guess next you will want to make guns illegal will take them off the street? We should make heroine and meth illegal too!