Sunday, March 25, 2018

Fuccillo Kia - Bringing Customers In For The Huge Kill

Fuccillo Kia "Bumps" Prices By Thousands Of Dollars

CAPE CORAL, FL. -- Beware of sales gimmicks misleading buyers at Fuccillo Kia stores, bringing customers in and taking "huge" money from the less than expert negotiating consumer. 

(Photos: Phony Monroney "Bunp Sticker" At Fuccillo Kia raising prices by $2,995 over MSRP and at right bumping price $9,995 over MSRP)

Without hard bargaining, the average customer will find no "discounts" at Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral because every single vehicle here has the price artificially raised by three thousand dollars with a "bump" sticker attached to the right of the Monroney sticker and a dealer fee of $795 added to each sale.

Fucillio raises the price of each vehicle by attaching a "Phony Monroney" to the side of the official Monroney sticker, raising selling prices on all Fuccillo vehicles by at least $2,295 plus a $795 "dealer fee" which is not disclosed at all on the sticker. 

The "Monroney" label is required by Federal law in the United States to be displayed on the side rear window of all new automobiles and trucks and includes the listing of official information about the car and the manufacturer's suggested retail price, the MSRP, as well as gas mileage numbers and equipment installed at the factory.

One vehicle's price we found was actually "bumped" up by $9,995. The Fuccillo selling price on all new vehicles is raised by including dealer installed "extras," in Fuccillo's case: the infamous "nitrogen" in tires which according to Consumer Reports saying any benefit is not worth the extra cost (the air we breathe is already about 80% nitrogen/20% oxygen), pin stripes, and door edge guards. In no case are the "extras" worth anywhere near $2,295. 

We asked 5-year veteran Fuccillo senior sales representative Michael L'Herault why nitrogen was used to fill the tires instead of plain air. He didn't have an answer immediately but later said he inquired inside and was told that nitrogen increased gas mileage by "2 miles per gallon." He didn't have an answer for proof or who makes that claim. Tire manufacturers say there is no need for nitrogen in passenger tires.

By raising prices on ALL vehicles $2,295 and adding the $795 dealer fee above the MSRP, it gives the sales manager plenty of room to negotiate without really giving away profit for Fuccillo. While any car dealer is entitled to a profit, consumer advocates say it's unconscionable to bump prices up by thousands with nearly worthless dealer installed extras, and add a $795 dealer fee on every vehicle, all of which is pure profit to the dealer, while sales people do not share in commission on those extra add ons.

As at most car dealerships you can expect huge sales person turnover, as sales people will easily be disillusioned by the 25% commission they get on  the net profit of each sale (sales price minus dealer cost, the "dealer invoice"), but they DON"T get a commission on the $795 dealer fee and dealer installed "extras," only owner Billy Fuccillo gets to put those thousands in his pocket on every sale. Customers also should realize everyone is on commission including the service department, and customers are advised to be extra careful what services are recommended when they come in for maintenance, tires, or repair services.

Can You Really Get Those Low Payments Advertised?

Leasing? Low Payments? Don't expect to get those advertised  low low $189 monthly payments. To get any of those low payments you must have top notch credit scores and pay thousands of dollars down. Fuccillo and all car dealers make more profit on leasing and loan financing and later repairing vehicles than they do selling the car. So prepare before you visit to talk to your bank or credit union before accepting the dealer's finance department offer and you'll most likely save thousands over the next several years.

And bring ear protection to Fuccillo's stores if you're noise sensitive. The Saturday we were there the office was so tremendously noisy it's a wonder anyone can hear conversation there with loud music and dozens of folks talking at once in the room. Maybe that's a sales technique...fatiguing customers to give in to high pressure sales tactics?

Fuccillo Kia of Cape Coral has maintained an "F" rating by the Better Business Bureau continuously for many years. According to the BBB, among the reasons for the failing rating are "complaints filed against business," and "failure to respond" as well as the negative customer reviews.

Advice to all vehicle shoppers; shop carefully at several dealers for an "out the door" price including all dealer fees, document preparation fee, tag fees, dealer installed "extras" which are always grossly overpriced, and pick the lowest price. Use your bank and credit bureau for the best financing, extended warranties are most usually a bad deal, and a huge profit maker for the dealership selling them. An exception may be an extended warranty through the manufacturer, but even so usually an expensive add on.

Principals at Fuccillo are Xavier Villarreal, General Manager and William B. Fuccillo, President/Director.

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